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Date:2016-02-06 21:58

Cedar Ridge Application )

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Date:2016-01-16 10:08


NAME: Shan
AGE: Older than dirt. Well almost. Mun and Muse are well over 18!


FULL NAME:Russell Wallace
GOES BY: Russ or Russell
AGE: 38
SPECIES:werewolf (born)
JOURNAL NAME: arealprince

TURN ONS: Anal, oral, vaginal, bondage, light pain/torture, multiple partners, he's especially fond of biting and licking and being tied up. He would be interested in exploring shapeshifting during the act, but only with partners are immune to his lycanthropy, if bitten. If you want to try something... a toy or a technique discuss it with the Mun. Russ is open to experimenting.

TURN OFFS No gore, vore, vomit, fisting, toilet play or underage.

STRENGTH: Heightened senses, accelerated healing, enhanced agility, enhanced strength, memory transference and pain transference. Russell is physically big and powerful even in human form. Though he’s a very skilled and experienced fighter, he would prefer to be friendly. He can be a very loyal friend.

WEAKNESS: Silver and wolfsbane.

PB:Hugh Jackman
IN DEPTH6’3”, brown hair which he likes to wear long. Hazel eyes which can change color according to his mood. He is muscular and very athletic and is comfortable in his body.

1) Russell has a good singing voice.

Russell is definitely a type A personality. Driven, competitive, and organized. He's intelligent and well educated. Because of his muscular build, people tend to underestimate him and think of him as a thug. He takes advantage of it. He's good at thinking on his feet. He can be utterly charming and has a movie star smile that he uses to its fullest advantage. He feels he’s done more than his share for Queen and Country and that it’s time to move on and start anew.



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Date:2015-08-20 22:00

In Depth )

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Date:2015-07-12 22:43
Subject:Carpe Diem Application

Full name: Russell Montgomery Wallace
Fandom: OC
Alias/Nickname: Russ
Character Journal:
Age/Date of Birth: 38,10/12/1977
Blood: Full blood, werewolf
Year: Hogwarts Class of 1995
House: Ravenclaw
Sexuality: Bi
Occupation: Professor of Transfiguration
Played By: Hugh Jackman

Appearance: 6'2", muscular, long dark brown hair which he usually wears loose. He has hazel eyes and absolutely perfect teeth. Dresses casually, usually wears jeans and t-shirts. Frequently goes barefoot because he doesn't like shoes. Though under pressure from the administration, he will wear a jacket over his t-shirt and will don loose fitting athletic shoes. He is handsome but not arrogant about it. He has the scar of the werewolf bite on his left shoulder. Because of the scar, he will never go shirtless in public. He also tends to be lazy about shaving and does it irregularly, so that he usually has a bit of scruffy stubble on his chin.

Werewolf form: Werewolf form

Animagus form: Animagus wolf form

Personality: Russell appears relaxed and casual, but the British wizard is anything but. Everything about him is about self control, self discipline, balance and trying to keep the wolf at bay. Around the full moon, the students might notice his temper growing short, and his body more hirsute. He takes various potions including large doses of wolfsbane intravenously (to which he has become addicted) in an attempt to keep from turning. To no avail. The wolfsbane potion does help him keep his mind and personality through the change. He is kind, compassionate, level headed and very loyal. Especially to Headmaster Emrys at Hogwarts who has given him a chance to be useful. The Headmaster and only certain trusted members of his staff know that Russell is a werewolf. He has a strong sense of justice and a soft spot for the underdog.


  • Transfiguration. He has a doctorate in it and is registered as an animagus. His form is a wolf. This is partially to hide his condition as a werewolf.
  • A very powerful wizard, Russell can cast spells non verbally and is an excellent duelist.
  • To discover a permanent cure for werewolfism.

  • He can sometimes be indecisive.
  • Hates flying and hasn't ridden a broom since his early days as a student.
  • Being discovered as a werewolf and a addict.


    Russell Montgomery Wallace is a pureborn wizard. His father, Richard Wallace, was British and his Mother, Ophele Devalier was French. Both were pure blood from wealthy families who could trace their magical lineage back for generations. Russell was five years old when they emigrated to America. While his father taught Magizoology at the American University of Magical Arts in New York, his mother worked as a Magical Emergency Department Nurse. During the school year, they lived in the US and during school vacations, frequently traveled back to London and Paris. While Russell was not schooled in the European magical culture, he is familiar with it. He is fluent in both English and French.

    His father became a Death Eater, a follower of Lady Nyx. He shared her beliefs about keeping Magic among the purebloods. Ophele disagreed with him, but remained by his side. An apparently loyal wife. Secretly, she spied for the opposition, feeding them information about the Death Eater's and Lady Nyx's plans. It was through her brave and selfless efforts that many muggle and wizard lives were saved.

    Young Russell wasn't sure what to make of it. His father talked to him frequently of how important it was that he was pureblood, while his mother quietly schooled him in the ways of the opposition. He was eight years old when everything came to a head during the battle of the Longest Night. Russell was left at a friend's home while his parents took part in the battle. His father fought with the Death Eaters while Ophele tended to the wounded of both sides. At the end, his father was captured and imprisoned for life as a war criminal. His mother escaped prosecution and was never discovered to be a spy. She later divorced Richard and raised Russell by herself.

    He entered Hogwarts at 6th grade and had a normal life until he was fourteen. Russell went camping the Summer of 1991 to hike part of the Appalachian Trail with friends. It was a mixed group of five teenagers and two adults. They had made it from the part of the trail that went through the state of New York to the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, when on the night of the full moon, the group was attacked by a werewolf. One of the chaperones and three of the students were killed. Russell and one of his friends, Edmund, a muggle survived the attack to become werewolves. Their other chaperone, Edmund's older sister Juliet, who was a wizard and one of Russell's classmates, managed to kill the wolf with the killing curse.

    Juliet was not punished for using one of the unforgivable curses as she did it in order to save the lives of the others and it was against a werewolf while in wolf form and therefore she didn't use the curse against a human. Both Edmund and Russell were taken to St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. The staff there were unable to save Edmund and he died shortly after their arrival. Russell was quickly treated with silver and dittany and managed to survive. He has the scar from the wolf's bite on his left shoulder. Unfortunately for him, he was now carries of Lycanthropy disease.

    Emrys, Hogwarts' headmaster knew of the incident and what Russell had become, but allowed him to stay on at the school and finish his studies. After graduating with top honors from Hogwarts, Russell went to the American University of Magical Arts in New York, where his father once taught. He majored in Transfiguration. Though he was at the top of his class in Hogwarts and at the University, it was extremely difficult for Russell to get a job due to his status as a werewolf. His family was rich, but he wanted to make it on his own. For a while, until they discovered his condition, he worked for the MUSPS delivering packages while he continued his studies. He earned a doctorate in Transfiguration, but was not able to get a job teaching until he was offered the post of Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts by Emrys. He has been teaching Transfiguration at Hogwarts for the last five years.

    Class Schedule:

    Couple of Random Facts:
    1) Russell has a great singing voice and loves karaoke.
    2) He likes animals most of which like him. Dogs particularly.
    3) He can slip from an American accent to British accent very quickly.

    First Person Journal Entry: August 30, 2010
    I arrived with the rest of the teachers at Hogwarts this morning. We have just a little over a week to prepare for classes before the students arrive on September 7th. I'm very thankful to Headmaster Emrys for giving me the job as the Transfiguration teacher. He has a great deal of faith in me. But he knows that I've always wanted to teach and he thinks I'll be good at it. I hope I can live up to his expectations. The school itself has changed very little from the time I was attending. Hard to believe it's been twenty years since I graduated in 1995. We were lead into the dining hall for our first staff meeting this afternoon and I felt like I was having a flashback to that first day I arrived here in 1988. I'm rather anxious to get started.

    Third Person Role Playing Entry:
    Russell locked the lavatory door. He was due to a class in only fifteen minutes, so he'd have to hurry. He went inside one of the stalls and locked it, taking his kit from it's hiding place. With the syringe, he withdrew 10cc from a bottle containing a fluid that was bright green. The full moon was only a day away and he had started shaking and sweating more often. The wolfsbane would help. He wrapped the rubber tube around his bicep and pulled it tight so that the vein would be easy to find. In a moment, he inserted the needle in his arm and pressed the plunger, starting to send the wolfsbane solution into his veins.

    "Professor Wallace?" One of the boys from his class tapped on the stall door. "Are you alright, sir?"

    Russ startled, nearly ripping the needle from his arm. He had been so preoccupied, he hadn't heard the student come in. "I'm fine, Andrew, thank you. I'll be out in a minute," the feeling of the potion was like fire in running through his veins. Quickly, he finished what he was doing and hid his kit. He brushed down the sleeve of his shirt to hide the injection mark and flushed the toilet. When he opened the stall door, the boy was standing there. He moved past him and washed his hands, "You should hurry, you'll be late. Potions class is on the other side of the campus." He dried his hands quickly.

    Name: Shan
    Age: Well over 18
    Do you use a messenger? Aim? Gmail?: AIM: Sirensong4213
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard
    How did you hear about us?: by invitation

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    Date:2014-06-21 23:34

    BIO )

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    Date:2014-02-05 07:33

    When: Week 9, Monday packing to move to Carrick's
    Where: The hotel in town

    I've done something I'm hoping I won't regret. I let Noctis go. Set him free. After what Carrick had done, he wasn't the same. And while I never cared for his mouth, he was just not Noctis. Carrick broke something in him. At any rate, I gave him some money and told him that he could take his things and go. At first he didn't believe me, he thought it was some sort of trick. Then he packed his things and left. I'll never forget the look on his face as he left the hotel. He didn't look happy to be free like I thought. He looked like I'd betrayed him.

    I'm sorry for the way Carrick treated him. But I love him. Noctis will be better, safer without me. I hope... I hope he finds his way and I wish him a good life.

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